Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is it really Thursday already???????

Wow, the week is almost over and it flew by soooo fast!!! Did it feel like that for anyone else?

I have been busy with housework, kids, getting paperwork and assesment tests done for my upcoming semester, and knitting of course:)

I injured myself shaving today. Somehow, and I am still not sure how I did it, I shaved my thumb nail almost all the way off. It hurts. You can imagine my pain this afternoon when I was cutting a pineapple and the juice leaked into my bandaid. I thought I was gonna die!!!!!!!

The weather is so nice!!! I had all my doors and windows open all day today, heard the people outside walking instead of driving and the birds cheeping. Squirels were scampering, and the geese flying back up were honking. For a minute it seemed like we were living back in the country again instead of the terrible city. My back door is still open but I have closed the windows. I dont have a screen door, so my fear right now is that a bat will fly in and eat me....... hey, it could happen!!!!!!! I do hope this weather is here to stay. NY winters suck donkey poop, that's right, I said donkey poop.  If you have ever been here or live here, you know I am right!!! About the time we think Spring has sprung, we get a friggin snow storm in May.

Lets see, who do I want to show off today??????? Ladies and gentleman, todays showcase Etsy seller is....Clay Creations by Cherrie
Can you imagine the time and precise dedication it would take to make these from polymer clay? Polymer clay artists intrigue me, mostly because I cant make anything with it other than a blob. This shops work is utterly amazing!!! I encourage all to go take a look, leave a heart, and buy something if your fancy tickles you in that ticklish place:)

Enjoy the warm evening, and see you tomorrow!!!!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Holy Friggin Georgous!!!

Spring is in the air. Ok, not really, but I was hoping that buying this hot hot hot dress it would hurry up and get here. This is a new seller on Etsy, open just since January. Being a real customer, and having this dress on my hands just waiting for me to slip into it, I can tell you that this sellers work and eye for beauty is amazing!!! Here is a pic... And he store name is onecrazybetty

Now, I had every intention of putting this dress on and putting a pic of me in it. After the day I have had it simply just didnt happen. I JUST got done with my school testing for the night and I feel like I am about to drop over!!! So, no fashion show for you tonight!!! Be sure to visit her shop, she has a really good variety of summer dresses to choose from. As I said before, she has an eye for what is cute and stylish, and her choices in fabrics are to die for!!!!!!! I am going to cut it short for tonight. I hope you forgive me. I am also having an allergy attack today. Yes, it is a bit early in the season to be dealing with it, but I am dealing with it none the less. So, if I continue blogging I will just start whining about how bad my allergies are, so it is best if I bid you apoooooooo till tomorrow:) Have a great night my lovely bloggers, and I truley hope to see you for tomorrows blog!!!

eta: jeesh, I think either my brain or my spell checker is broken. I just had to come back in 3 times and correct typing errors and spelling issues!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Putting new tile in a kitchen without a man:)

Yesterday I decide to take out to nasty ugly dungeon brown tile that was in my kitchen when I moved into my partment 2 months ago with a fresh pretty white tile:) I went down to Famliy Dollar, got 4 boxes of tile for $11 each!!! It was enough to do my whole kitchen, with a box and a half left over to do my walkway at my front door. I though about doing my bathroom as well, but, really, the thought of having to cut precisly around the toilet didnt apeal to me,lol. Here are before and after pics!!!

Proof that a woman with no experience can professionally lay tile in a kitchen!!! I just love the way it turned out. It really looks like an expert came in and did it!!!
What do you think? It really brightens up my kitchen. Before even if it was clean it just looked blah. Now even if my dishes aren't done it looks purty!!! And the price I got for them was awesome! There were 30 tiles in each box. I had shopped around a bit as well, a lot of places I seen have like 12 tiles in a box for the same price. I am a very very happy momma right now!!!

Wow, this weekend flew by! My little Corey is healing really good, you cant even tell he had surgery they way he is running around like it never happened!!! His new teeth look so nice, and his smile is so pretty now!!! He likes to look at them. To me they seem huge. The Dr said that is the size they wouold have been if his other teeth hadnt been so decayed. Here are some pics I took of his new teeth. They came out kind of blury cuz he is a mover and a shaker and cant sit still:)
Just please excuse the pasta sauce on his face, and the mess in my house in the background!!!

Until tomorrow m,y beloved fellow blogland whipper snappers!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday night Special!!!

Friday night is Moms night out!!! I, actually, usually go out almost every Friday night. My baby is feeling better from his surgery, but I kept him home from his fathers this weekend just in case, so I am home with him:)

So, i decided to do something constructive. I made myself a blender full of strawberry daiquiris and cleaned my room. For those of you who don't know me irl, we moved into this place 2 months ago. My bedroom has literally been the storage room for all things unpacked. You couldn't even walk into the room, there wasn't a path or nuttin!!! I finally finished unpacking, and rearranging and organizing. To reward my self, I hung up the polymer clay fairies and dragonfly I had custom order/requested from my sister in North Carolina who is trying to start her own business. I got my string out, my tacks out, propped a chair on my very wobbly bed and hung them in random spots from my ceiling. They look adorable!!! I haven't yet taken a picture of them hanging in my room, I will soon though. I did take a few amateur pics of them today on the table when they first arrived in the mail. So, now my room is done just about as girly and sassy as you can get!!! Bright pink shag carpet, lacy white curtains with pink butterfly's. A pink dresser and end table, yeah, its going a bit over board. But, hey, when you are surrounded in a house full of testosterone, you got to get your girl fix somewhere!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My babies surgery is over, and things are looking better!!!

Today was really hard to say the least. It started at 5:30 am when we got to the hospital. Everyone there was wonderful with us and my son, and really, everyone we had for everything was absolutely wonderful!!! I have always preferred UHS (General Hospital) bu today they were really a Godsend. The surgery started at 7:45 am, and he was in there till about 9:45, and in the recovery room until 10:25. That is when the hard part came. He totally freaked out after waking up. It was a violent screaming trying to pull his teeth out and his iv out. He fell back asleep after that for about 5 hours. They told me a lot of people react that way, but they also told me nobody ever remembers it. He remembers everything and has been telling me about it all night!!! I am a bit worried about that, but he is dealing with things really well. We left the hospital at 4:30, and about 6:30 he got up off my lap and started playing on the computer and with some legos for a while. He keeps telling me things he remembers though. Like the way the gas mask tasted, and how he felt after he woke up. That is pretty scary. He made it through though. Emotionally and physically I am exhausted and cannot wait for bed!!! Here is a pic of him being wheeled into the OR after he had already gotten his happy juice, also something they said he wouldn't remember, and he does...

Just to keep on schedule, I am listing an Etsy jewelry store that I found affordable and intriguing at the same time. On the menu tonight fellow bloggers is Statements Designs by Brandi 

How elegant is that!!!!!!! Guess how much it is? $23, yes that's right, $23!!! This is also a new Etsian with no feedback yet, will you be her first? 

Tomorrows blogging episode will be Moms Night Out special!!! Will we be making cocktails? Doing our nails?  Creating our resume? Shots after dark? You will have to come back tomorrow and find out!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday Yarn Candy!!!

So Tuesdays we have on  schedule for your viewing pleasure a special yarn candy from a selected shop on Etsy. Today's eye candy is..........

Hippity hoppity Bunny stitchmarkers

How cute are they?Yarn Lust's Etsy Store did such an awesome job on these!!! Perfect for Easter, if we can keep the kids from tying to steal these:D

On another note. My lil one is turning 4 tomorrow, and he also has surgery at 6:15 am in the morning. While it is only oral surgery, they do have top put him to sleep for a couple hours. He was born with a dental disease, and it is spreading fast to his gums and roots, and perhaps his jawbone. i had it, and he is the only one fo my 4 children that have gotten this hereditary disease. I am very very scared. I know I have to let them do it, but I want to run and hide and change my mind. For those that pray, please keep him in your prayers!!!

This concludes today's blog episode. I really do hope you love the store I have decided to highlight today. My blog tomorrow may be late, or it may not exist due to my babies surgery. Either way, I hope you continue to turn in to my little blog here in blogland!!!

Cheesy pic of my baby:)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yep, its really Tuesday already.

So, had a long day. Went grocery shopping at Aldis. Over $300 seems like a lot, but, really, it lasts almost all month for myself and 4 children,and we eat well to say the least. I hope everyone had as productive as a day as I had!!! Which by the way leads us to Tuesdays scheduled episode of mamma stuff, time management, and all that good stuff.

I would like to start this series out with a very important fact. A drink at 9 pm makes the whole day better. Ok, got that out of the way. Dinner was lasagna. I had myself, my 4 children, my oldest boys girlfriend, my neighbor, her husband anbd her 3 kids. You might ask how i fed all those people lasagna and fresh made garlic bread all by 7 pm and still had homework done by 8:30? Let me tell you how!!!

Next time you see a large lasagna in the fozen (and a really big one at that) for $10, grab it!!!!!! NO, its NOT home made lasagna, BUT, it costs less than the ingredients to make it fresh. You pop it in the oven for 2 hours while you are catching up on housework and stuff for the kids. The last half hour it is cooking, cut your Italian bread in half, set it aside....... take 2 softened stick of butter, real minced garlic, about 5 cloves. Put the butter and garlic in a large bowl and mix on high for about 3 minutes. Smear a darn good amount of it on your bread. By the time you are done with that, its almost time to pull the lasagna out. Put the bread in the oven for about 25 minutes. You have got yourself one darn good affordable meal. I fed 10 people, yes, 10 people for $12. Not only was it affordable, it was timely, I could get things done while it was cooking, and everyone loves it!!!!!!!

That was your friendly time management tip for the day!!!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a yarn candy pic and info on an Etsy store:) Who will it be? What will it look like? Welp, you will just have to come and see tomorrow!!!!!!!

Tata for now:)

Monday, March 1, 2010

My first blog and many more to come!!!

Hello world wide web of wonderful bloggers, crafters and people in general!!! I plan to use this blog for tutorials in knitting, jewelry making, supplies in both crafts, how to be a single parent while doing all this and still working and going to school:) I hope you decide to follow me for the long run, I know i will have many things to keep you interested!!!

Today is just a welcome message. Tomorrow I will start out with the regular routine, and that routine schedule will be as follows.......

Saturdays: Knitting updates, knitting specials, knitting tutorials

Sundays: not a darn thing, Sunday is my housework and homework catcher upper day:) Ok, maybe a tutorial on how to get the kids to do dishes? We shall see!!!!!!!

Mondays: Updates on jewelry making, jewelry updates, jewelry specials, jewelry tutorials

Tuesdays: Time management for moms type of stuff!!! Gardening, decorating, computer, gaming, etc

Wednesday: Yarn eye candy, I will choose a special special shop on Etsy on Wednesdays and show off their awesome fibery goodness!!!

Thursdays: Jewelry eye candy. I will choose a special shop on Etsy on Thursdays and show off their awesome goodness!!!

Fridays: Moms night out. Fridays will be about special things we need to do just for us as moms, and maybe even some hints on how to do that!!!

And of course, there will be some surprises here and there!!!

I hope that if upon getting a large enough follower base, I can even do some freebies and giveaways.

Well, I hope to see you around on a regular basis, and if there is anything you would specifically like to see or even be invlolved in, let me know!!!

Oh yes, I know I am a dork, and that is my own self portrait to prove it, bwahahahahahah