Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday night Special!!!

Friday night is Moms night out!!! I, actually, usually go out almost every Friday night. My baby is feeling better from his surgery, but I kept him home from his fathers this weekend just in case, so I am home with him:)

So, i decided to do something constructive. I made myself a blender full of strawberry daiquiris and cleaned my room. For those of you who don't know me irl, we moved into this place 2 months ago. My bedroom has literally been the storage room for all things unpacked. You couldn't even walk into the room, there wasn't a path or nuttin!!! I finally finished unpacking, and rearranging and organizing. To reward my self, I hung up the polymer clay fairies and dragonfly I had custom order/requested from my sister in North Carolina who is trying to start her own business. I got my string out, my tacks out, propped a chair on my very wobbly bed and hung them in random spots from my ceiling. They look adorable!!! I haven't yet taken a picture of them hanging in my room, I will soon though. I did take a few amateur pics of them today on the table when they first arrived in the mail. So, now my room is done just about as girly and sassy as you can get!!! Bright pink shag carpet, lacy white curtains with pink butterfly's. A pink dresser and end table, yeah, its going a bit over board. But, hey, when you are surrounded in a house full of testosterone, you got to get your girl fix somewhere!!!

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