Monday, March 8, 2010

Holy Friggin Georgous!!!

Spring is in the air. Ok, not really, but I was hoping that buying this hot hot hot dress it would hurry up and get here. This is a new seller on Etsy, open just since January. Being a real customer, and having this dress on my hands just waiting for me to slip into it, I can tell you that this sellers work and eye for beauty is amazing!!! Here is a pic... And he store name is onecrazybetty

Now, I had every intention of putting this dress on and putting a pic of me in it. After the day I have had it simply just didnt happen. I JUST got done with my school testing for the night and I feel like I am about to drop over!!! So, no fashion show for you tonight!!! Be sure to visit her shop, she has a really good variety of summer dresses to choose from. As I said before, she has an eye for what is cute and stylish, and her choices in fabrics are to die for!!!!!!! I am going to cut it short for tonight. I hope you forgive me. I am also having an allergy attack today. Yes, it is a bit early in the season to be dealing with it, but I am dealing with it none the less. So, if I continue blogging I will just start whining about how bad my allergies are, so it is best if I bid you apoooooooo till tomorrow:) Have a great night my lovely bloggers, and I truley hope to see you for tomorrows blog!!!

eta: jeesh, I think either my brain or my spell checker is broken. I just had to come back in 3 times and correct typing errors and spelling issues!!!

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