Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday Yarn Candy!!!

So Tuesdays we have on  schedule for your viewing pleasure a special yarn candy from a selected shop on Etsy. Today's eye candy is..........

Hippity hoppity Bunny stitchmarkers

How cute are they?Yarn Lust's Etsy Store did such an awesome job on these!!! Perfect for Easter, if we can keep the kids from tying to steal these:D

On another note. My lil one is turning 4 tomorrow, and he also has surgery at 6:15 am in the morning. While it is only oral surgery, they do have top put him to sleep for a couple hours. He was born with a dental disease, and it is spreading fast to his gums and roots, and perhaps his jawbone. i had it, and he is the only one fo my 4 children that have gotten this hereditary disease. I am very very scared. I know I have to let them do it, but I want to run and hide and change my mind. For those that pray, please keep him in your prayers!!!

This concludes today's blog episode. I really do hope you love the store I have decided to highlight today. My blog tomorrow may be late, or it may not exist due to my babies surgery. Either way, I hope you continue to turn in to my little blog here in blogland!!!

Cheesy pic of my baby:)

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