Sunday, March 7, 2010

Putting new tile in a kitchen without a man:)

Yesterday I decide to take out to nasty ugly dungeon brown tile that was in my kitchen when I moved into my partment 2 months ago with a fresh pretty white tile:) I went down to Famliy Dollar, got 4 boxes of tile for $11 each!!! It was enough to do my whole kitchen, with a box and a half left over to do my walkway at my front door. I though about doing my bathroom as well, but, really, the thought of having to cut precisly around the toilet didnt apeal to me,lol. Here are before and after pics!!!

Proof that a woman with no experience can professionally lay tile in a kitchen!!! I just love the way it turned out. It really looks like an expert came in and did it!!!
What do you think? It really brightens up my kitchen. Before even if it was clean it just looked blah. Now even if my dishes aren't done it looks purty!!! And the price I got for them was awesome! There were 30 tiles in each box. I had shopped around a bit as well, a lot of places I seen have like 12 tiles in a box for the same price. I am a very very happy momma right now!!!

Wow, this weekend flew by! My little Corey is healing really good, you cant even tell he had surgery they way he is running around like it never happened!!! His new teeth look so nice, and his smile is so pretty now!!! He likes to look at them. To me they seem huge. The Dr said that is the size they wouold have been if his other teeth hadnt been so decayed. Here are some pics I took of his new teeth. They came out kind of blury cuz he is a mover and a shaker and cant sit still:)
Just please excuse the pasta sauce on his face, and the mess in my house in the background!!!

Until tomorrow m,y beloved fellow blogland whipper snappers!!!

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  1. I didn't even know the Family Dollar had tile. You did a great job though. It looks so much better. Cute kids!



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