Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is it really Thursday already???????

Wow, the week is almost over and it flew by soooo fast!!! Did it feel like that for anyone else?

I have been busy with housework, kids, getting paperwork and assesment tests done for my upcoming semester, and knitting of course:)

I injured myself shaving today. Somehow, and I am still not sure how I did it, I shaved my thumb nail almost all the way off. It hurts. You can imagine my pain this afternoon when I was cutting a pineapple and the juice leaked into my bandaid. I thought I was gonna die!!!!!!!

The weather is so nice!!! I had all my doors and windows open all day today, heard the people outside walking instead of driving and the birds cheeping. Squirels were scampering, and the geese flying back up were honking. For a minute it seemed like we were living back in the country again instead of the terrible city. My back door is still open but I have closed the windows. I dont have a screen door, so my fear right now is that a bat will fly in and eat me....... hey, it could happen!!!!!!! I do hope this weather is here to stay. NY winters suck donkey poop, that's right, I said donkey poop.  If you have ever been here or live here, you know I am right!!! About the time we think Spring has sprung, we get a friggin snow storm in May.

Lets see, who do I want to show off today??????? Ladies and gentleman, todays showcase Etsy seller is....Clay Creations by Cherrie
Can you imagine the time and precise dedication it would take to make these from polymer clay? Polymer clay artists intrigue me, mostly because I cant make anything with it other than a blob. This shops work is utterly amazing!!! I encourage all to go take a look, leave a heart, and buy something if your fancy tickles you in that ticklish place:)

Enjoy the warm evening, and see you tomorrow!!!!!!!


  1. Yikes I hope your thumb is better, I cringed when I read it.
    Beautiful art you create, and with 4 kids! you have alot on your plate, but it looks like you have it alllll under control. I found your blog from the Etsy forums, glad I came by

  2. those flowers are just gorgeous!!! Very time consuming work I would imagine but beautiful!



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