Thursday, March 4, 2010

My babies surgery is over, and things are looking better!!!

Today was really hard to say the least. It started at 5:30 am when we got to the hospital. Everyone there was wonderful with us and my son, and really, everyone we had for everything was absolutely wonderful!!! I have always preferred UHS (General Hospital) bu today they were really a Godsend. The surgery started at 7:45 am, and he was in there till about 9:45, and in the recovery room until 10:25. That is when the hard part came. He totally freaked out after waking up. It was a violent screaming trying to pull his teeth out and his iv out. He fell back asleep after that for about 5 hours. They told me a lot of people react that way, but they also told me nobody ever remembers it. He remembers everything and has been telling me about it all night!!! I am a bit worried about that, but he is dealing with things really well. We left the hospital at 4:30, and about 6:30 he got up off my lap and started playing on the computer and with some legos for a while. He keeps telling me things he remembers though. Like the way the gas mask tasted, and how he felt after he woke up. That is pretty scary. He made it through though. Emotionally and physically I am exhausted and cannot wait for bed!!! Here is a pic of him being wheeled into the OR after he had already gotten his happy juice, also something they said he wouldn't remember, and he does...

Just to keep on schedule, I am listing an Etsy jewelry store that I found affordable and intriguing at the same time. On the menu tonight fellow bloggers is Statements Designs by Brandi 

How elegant is that!!!!!!! Guess how much it is? $23, yes that's right, $23!!! This is also a new Etsian with no feedback yet, will you be her first? 

Tomorrows blogging episode will be Moms Night Out special!!! Will we be making cocktails? Doing our nails?  Creating our resume? Shots after dark? You will have to come back tomorrow and find out!!!

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